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"Our university has been selected as the first batch of "Jingshi (Statecraft) International College" by the Ministry of Education

                                             Translated by Zuyi Ding


On November7, a happy report on the Notice of the First Batch of “Jingshi “International College for the Statecraft Projects of Cultural Exchange coming from the Center for Sino-foreign Cultural Exchange of the Ministry of Education of China. Our university was selected as one of the first batch of " Jingshi International Colleges" in China.


The Statecraft Projects of Cultural Exchange are initiated and sponsored by the Center for Sino-foreign Cultural Exchange of Ministry of Education of China to promote Sino-foreign cultural exchange, new technology application and Integration of industry and education. It aims to transform the innovation and creation of the industry into new educational products and school teaching resources in a timely manner; promote the construction of smart campus, the effective cooperation between school and enterprise as well as the deep integration of industry and education; accelerate and expand the opening up of education to the outside world; provide suitable talents for Chinese enterprises to "go out";and vigorously promote cultural exchanges and people to people exchanges between China and foreign countries. Based on the actual needs of personnel training, scientific research and educational management, the project focuses on the construction of domestic and foreign Jingshi International Colleges and Universities, and relied on China's advantageous industrial technology, the project tries to create international standardized professional teaching programs in the fields of communication, information technology, intelligent manufacturing, new energy vehicles, artificial intelligence, etc.; develop international general or leading professional standards, curriculum system  and teaching resource;  make full use of artificial intelligence to improve the efficiency of teaching and learning; and promote domestic vocational college and application -oriented technology universities to upgrade rapidly their strength in the fields of curriculum development  and personnel training so as to expand the influences of these universities  and promote the cooperation  and exchange between the nations in ' One belt, One Road area.